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Guernsey County Children Services

mission is to ensure that all children have an environment free from abuse and neglect while assisting to preserve and empower families to provide for the safety and security needs of their children. 

Our strategic goals and our everyday practice is derived from this mission. In ensuring the safety needs of children, Guernsey County Children Services must also insure that we maintain a competent workforce and operate in a fiscally responsible manner.

We are also home to one of the eight Regional Training Centers for Child Welfare Training in the State of Ohio. Click the link below and to the left to find out more about the training center

Guernsey County Children Services
Safety, Protection, and Permanency
About Our Board
Our Board is made up of seven (7) community volunteers who meet monthly at GCCS. Meetings are held the first Monday of each month excepting holidays. Persons wanting to address the Board, must contact the Executive Director at least 7 days before the meeting.

Our Board ensures that we are operating in a fiscally sound and transparent manner and work in service to our mission and strategic goals. These 7 volunteers monitor our work as public stewards with integrity and accountability.

About Our Staff
The theme carried throughout 2012 for Guernsey County Children Services was “Take action for our children”. Now more than ever with dwindling resources and economic difficulties, we must come together as a community and support each other in providing services and resources to families – services that if provided early enough, prevent the maltreatment of children; services that assist families in alleviating the risk factors in their homes so that they may provide a safe, nurturing environment for their households. We have a strong community, a community who cares about it’s members, a community that volunteers , a community that supports each other through good times and bad, and a community that will do what is necessary to protect their most vulnerable populations. In sticking with this theme, GCCS made a concerted effort throughout the year to, in fact, take action for our children. We have a staff who is deeply committed to children and families in our community – a staff that is highly educated and has many years of child welfare experience. In total, the average
years experience for an Agency Administrator is over 16 years, Direct Service workers average over 7 years experience, Support Staff average 12 years experience, bringing the average of experience for the entire agency to 10.5 years.

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