Guernsey County Children Services
Safety, Protection, and Permanency

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Our Mission:  "We strive to assure all children have an environment free of abuse and neglect, while assisting to preserve and empower families to provide for the safety, stability, and well-being of their children."
GCCS Achieved its FIRST EVER Accreditation Through the Council on Accreditation November 13, 2009.
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Community Vision:

We envision a proactive community where all service
systems work together to make services available for
families wanting and needing assistance.

Children in our community are allowed to be children;
laughing, playing, taking risks, making mistakes and being
permitted to do so.  Families feel confident, hopeful, safe,
and secure.

In our community all individuals’ needs are understood
and met and they develop to their fullest potential free from
prejudice and labels.

Safety and Permanency for all Children--
our hopes, our dreams, our goals.
"We are looking for a forever home for these children ..for more information click HERE...hope to hear from you soon!"
Guernsey County Children Services, 274 Highland Ave, Cambridge, Ohio 43725
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Executive Director
Nicole Caldwell, MBA
for a
concerned community
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Working with Children Services
A Guide for Parents

This guide will help you understand what happens when Childrens Services gets a report that a child is not safe. The booklet includes information on:

What a Childrens Services worker does

Your rights and responsibilites as a parent

What steps a Childrens Services worker follows

How Childrens Services can help your family

When the Court gets involved

Words you might hear

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When My Child is Unable
to Remain in My Care: 
What Happens Next?
A Guide for Parents

This Guide tells you what Children Services must do to ensure safety when children cannot remain at home.
It will tell you why the Juvenile Court gets  involved and
what you need to do for your child to come home.

This booklet contains information on:

  • Why your child is unable to remain in your home

  • Your rights and responsibilities while your child
is living somewhere else

  • What you need to do for your child to come home

  • What happens in court

  • Words you might hear

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Top 10 Summer Safety Checklist Tips

1. Practice Sun Safety - Apply Sunscreen, Get some sun-protective clothing, shop for cool shades.

2. Protect Against Bugs  -  Use insect repellents,  Wear long sleeve pants & shirts, Never leave stagnant pools of water around your home,  Avoid using scented soaps and lotions.

3. Prevent Dehydration    -  When children are playing it is very important for them to drink water frequently.

4. Don't Forget Helmets  -  Your child should wear a helment when they are on anything with wheels.

5. Practice Food Safety   - Be sure to wash your hands before preparing food, Never cross contaminate, Consider the temperature.

6. Guard Against Drowning   - Put barriers around the pool to restrict access, Never leave kids unsupervised,  Do not use floatation devices, Learn CPR.

7. Avoid Trampoline Danger  - No more than one child jumping at a time,  No somersaults, Do not allow children under 6 on a large trampoline,  Move the trampoline away from structures and play areas.

8. Warn kids about hiding in enclosed spaces  - Teach children to not play hide and seek by crawling in an enclosed place. (cars, trunk, chest,  or old cooler or appliance)

9. Use Caution When Doing Yardwork - Children under 12 should not use a push mower and children under 16 should not operate a ride on mower.

10. Safeguard home playgrounds  - Make sure the ground under the play area is soft enough.

To see the complete article and details pertaining to each item on the checklist visit: